How We Do It

This is by far the most important, and time consuming step. Is there maintenance you've put off? Or updates you've been considering? Often these are the difference between a list price offer or an exceptional offer over list price.


Does your home need to be painted? Or flooring updated? We'll work with you to achieve the best "bang for your buck".


We have trusted companies and contractors who will make the updates for you. They do quality work, and in many cases, you don't have to pay them until the closing table.

The pricing is the most important part! And often, the most difficult. For our Coming Soon strategy to work, you have to think strategically.


The best way to get top dollar for your home is NOT to list it high and hope someone is willing to pay for it.


The best way to achieve multiple offers, above asking price is to list your home attractively. Make it look like a good deal online. This attracts more buyers your home and more showings. More showings = more offers!

With professional photos and videos, we help your home look its best online! Other than pricing your home correctly, this is the most important step in achieving multiple offers.


We have used 1 photographer for the past 7 years. She's the best in Charlotte! And we like working with the best.


Walk through videos are also a huge promotional tool we use for our sellers. And drone photography when its helpful.