Charlotte Luxury Homes

Charlotte Luxury Homes

Moving to Charlotte? Considering a relocation? 

You've come to the right spot for all of your relocation information needs.

Moving from out of state can be a bit daunting.  All the new things you need to consider: neighborhoods, schools, and of course the real estate that goes with each. Our goal is to help you get up the learning curve ASAP, so that when the right house comes along, youll be comfortable making the decision.  We aim to be your trusted guide and adviser to all things Charlotte.   You can learn about me here on this Introcdution to Charlotte video with over 100,000 views. It is a bit older, but still reflects my optimism about Charlotte and its future.  My adult son Bobby joined me in 2013, became a partner in 2018, and now runs day to day operations.

The first important point you need to know is that then Charlotte economy is strong, recently named among the Top Ten local ecomonimies in the US, and it has long been know as a pro-business town in a pro-business state.   The financial sector plays a major role here, attracting businesses, and new employees, year in, year out.  Home appreciation, a reflection of that strong economic foundation, and demand  exceeding supply, has been steady through the years.  Minor business slowdowns have no affect here.  Even in 2009, Chalotte outperformed 90% of the nation with the shortest time of lowered prices, and one of the quickest rebounds (See Case-Shiller)  Over the last 30 years, the pirces have steadily climbed.  Crucially imortant if you are investing a million dollars plus in a home.   ( Yes, we all know past performance doesn't guarantee the future)

Still, it is a good bet.  We have clients who buy one to two homes per year.  We help folks fix and flip.  And , rates are coming down.  Our lenders are offering low cost refinances up to two years later- why? So you can get the home you really want today, and refin to that lower rate at a fraction of the typical cost.

You can find quality luxury homes through out the area- from the top of Lake Norman, to South Carolina, East and west Charlotte too.  We believe your investment is best protected in neighborhoods with a fair number of luxury homes already present, 'hoods like traditional Myers Park,  craftsman styled Dilworth, eclectic Plaza-Midwood, the newer, more modern Ballantyne area in 28277, and then into Union County in Waxhaw and Weddington.

If your company is offering a relocation package, we work with all the major firms.  If it is you who decided to make this move, make the call today, and we'll help you arrange a "feasibility" visit, that includes real estate, but also all that Charlotte has to  offer.  Call me today for a no obligation consult, 704-390-6221.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned, next week we'll "check the numbers" compare recent pricing and look at median square foot pricing by neighborhood.

Come on down, the city of Charlotte will welcome you! 


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Our goal for each of our clients is the same! We’d like you to be happy with your decision to buy or sell the day you close, and 5 years later too! We help provide the context and expertise so you can understand all the angles and make an informed decision. We work hard every day for your 5-star review.

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